Permitting and approvalsPermitting and approvals

CNC Project Management plans and leads regulatory approval processes on infrastructure projects. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of environmental and planning requirements from Federal, State and Local authorities across Australia.

Working together with our engagement and environmental teams, CNC’s permitting and approval specialists develop comprehensive and fit-for-purpose deliverables.

We capture stakeholder and community feedback early and champion key environmental and planning risks to be considered during design development. As a result, unnecessary delays can be avoided from the outset.

It is vital to involve key agencies and stakeholders in the approvals process. At CNC, we understand their needs and expectations. We leverage our longstanding and extensive relationships with regulators to help achieve a smooth approvals process and resolve issues quickly.

Our priority is to secure the necessary permits and planning approvals within the shortest practical timeline, as well as maximise positive environmental and community outcomes wherever possible. We can achieve both objectives in a cost effective manner.

Drawing on our industry knowledge, we prepare documentation that is both compliant with the required legislation and practical to implement on site. This approach strengthens our clients’ ability to maintain compliance, governance and control for the duration of the project.

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