Land access and property servicesLand access and property services

At CNC Project Management, we recognise that community and stakeholder involvement is critical to a project’s success. We value communities’ knowledge and perspectives when developing solutions and we respect their right to have an input and be heard.

Our professional land access and property services team has decades of experience connecting with the community and gaining the support of those who live and work in the area. CNC has successfully negotiated hundreds of land access agreements for our clients, who trust our experienced and friendly team to engage openly and honestly with landowners.

We work side-by-side with our clients and landowners to create a shared understanding of their individual interests and objectives. This enables both parties to move forward and agree on a solution.

We believe that engagement is unique on every project. We work with engineers, designers and construction teams to assess the risks and opportunities before we decide on the best way to engage stakeholders and the community.

Our experienced team frequently prepares and implements Engagement Plans. With a robust and well-implemented plan, our clients can achieve community acceptance and understanding about the project, its purpose and benefits.

We are experienced in working with Indigenous community groups and individuals. We have a strong track record in obtaining native title agreements and negotiating Indigenous Land Use Agreements.

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