Environmental management and complianceEnvironmental management and compliance

CNC Project Management helps clients comply with their environmental commitments, as well as manage and improve environmental performance on infrastructure projects.

Our award-winning environmental team has a diverse skill set. We are committed to working efficiently on projects and we achieve this by providing our clients with multi-skilled, flexible and well-rounded qualified environmental practitioners.

For example, instead of supplying a practitioner with only one specialist area, such as a Fauna Handler, we offer our clients Environmental Field Officers who are qualified in fauna handling.

Our officers also have a range of other skills required in on site environmental management including practical knowledge in erosion and sediment control, in field monitoring and compliance reporting. We work efficiently and minimise downtime, while building relationships with the construction workforce.

As well as environmental field work, our experienced Certified Environmental Practitioners (CEnvPs), Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESCs) and contaminated land specialists prepare technical reports and management plans.

Our environmental systems, plans and procedures are practical, targeted and easy-to-implement in the field. Our proven management frameworks enable us to implement, manage, measure and report on environmental outcomes in a transparent and accountable way.

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