Footscray to Deer Park Project, Regional Rail Link

CNC Project Management liaised with residents and helped facilitate the property condition survey process on the Regional Rail Link Footscray to Deer Park project.

CNC’s Community Liaison Officer worked side-by-side with the independent Building and Property Surveyor to conduct more than 2,000 surveys on properties adjacent to the work area.

CNC rapidly mobilised a dedicated Community Liaison Officer to avoid delays to construction as a result of the lengthy property condition survey program. This also enabled the core project Communications and Stakeholder Relations Team to focus on other mobilisation activities.

As well as facilitating access to properties to undertake the surveys, CNC simultaneously completed project introductory interactions with local residents. As a result, we delivered value for money to our client through efficient and multi-purposeful interactions with residents.

In accordance with client protocols, CNC accurately captured interactions with residents in the project database. This enabled the Alliance to understand community sentiment and quantify issues early, as well as reduce double handling of information.