Eastern Goldfields Gas Pipeline, Spiecapag Lucas

CNC Project Management was engaged by construction contractor Spiecapag Lucas to deliver front-end environmental management and fauna handling work for APA Group’s 293km Eastern Goldfields Gas Pipeline.

The remote nature of the pipeline, together with a tight construction schedule, meant that there were unique challenges posed by the construction project.

In addition to providing environmental management support and oversight, CNC’s environmental specialists communicated regularly with the Western Australian Government’s Department of Mines and Petroleum and the client to facilitate the approval of a Construction Environment Management Plan and all subordinate management plans (including acid sulphate soils, weed and threatened species) on schedule.

As a result, CNC’s team was able to:

  • Assist the Spiecapag Lucas construction team to complete all construction activities one month ahead of schedule
  • Successfully consult with the Western Australian Government’s Department of Environment and Regulations to obtain the Waste Water Treatment Plant Works Approval in half the allotted time-frame.

As part of this project, CNC also employed its award-winning environmental management solution, the CNC Solution. Rather than assign several specialists to a single project, the CNC Solution offers multi-skilled staff so that they can individually undertake a range of environmental tasks on a single project.